Question: Why Did They Make Joey Dumber?

What’s wrong with Eddie in Friends?

Eddie was never seen again in the series.

Based on Eddie’s behavior on Friends, many viewers believe he suffered from undiagnosed schizophrenia.

Chandler assumed that Eddie was mentally ill, especially after his new roommate imagined that the duo once went on a trip to Las Vegas together..

Why is Ross hated?

I hated Ross from the start because: He is not a good person: lets’ take Bonnie first. … It was Rachel’s fault for staying, but Ross tried to convince her with the promise (for the sake of)their ‘romance’. He’s just.

Who is dumber Joey or Phoebe?

Phoebe is crazy, Joey is dumb. Both adjectives are very, very different. You see Phoebe is very street-smart and smart too in a number of instances, so she can never be classified as dumb.

What happened Joey?

Joey moved out temporarily when he found success playing Dr Drake Ramoray on a soap opera, but soon moved back in after his character was dropped down an elevator shaft. At the end of the series, Chandler and Monica made it clear to Joey that their new house outside the city would have a room for him.

Why did Rachel kiss Joey?

It’s possible Ross didn’t tell Joey that because of his anger over Joey’s proposal. Joey says he can’t believe he’s kissing Rachel but they kissed when Monica and Chandler were trying to hide their relationship. Joey probably meant kissing as a couple rather than as just friends.

Who married Joey?

Joey was never one to get married, even though he proposed to Phoebe and Rachel upon hearing they were pregnant and he was later engaged to Alex, but Joey’s real problem was his fear of commitment.

Who is the richest character in Friends?

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green: worth $300 million (£216m) Aniston is thought to be worth a whopping $300 million (£216m), making her the richest member of the Friends cast.

Does Chandler die in friends?

Basically, Chandler gets hit by an ice cream truck and tragedy ensues following his death. The five remaining friends mourn his absence, with Monica drowning her sorrows in drugs, alcohol, and Joey. … And, most oddly, Chandler haunts his friends and returns as an electric green ghost. It’s hilarious but haunting.

What is the relation between Joey and Phoebe?

Joey dated Phoebe’s twin sister, Ursula (Kudrow). This made things awkward given Ursula and Phoebe don’t have a good relationship. Ursula started avoiding him so Phoebe pretended to be her sister to break up. They then share a kiss and Joey figures out it’s Phoebe.

Why did they dumb down Joey?

The main reason they didn’t pair Joey and Phoebe together was the fact that then the whole group would be married to each other and that would’ve just been too much of coincidence in a way.

Why is Joey the worst friends character?

He was selfish. He constantly stole food from Monica’s apartment, but wouldn’t share his food, not even with his friends. He used Chandler. It is well chronicled that Chandler supported Joey, both financially and emotionally throughout his career by going over lines, encouraging him and being supportive on auditions.

Did friends really cry in last episode?

As you can imagine, the taping of the series finale featured a whole lot of waterworks, mostly from the cast, long before their final bow. “The tears were flowing and the entire cast had to go back and have their makeup redone before starting,” Maggie Wheeler (aka Chandler’s infamous ex, Janice) told People.

Rachel is not the most popular person on the show and she does have her critics due to her spoilt nature.

Who is the dumb one in friends?

JoeyJoey, of course, was known as the goofy, lovably dumb friend, but he wasn’t always that way. Similar to all of the other Friends characters, Joey transformed greatly over the years. It had a lot to do with all of the life experiences he encountered throughout the comedy, in addition to him, you know, getting older.

Is Phoebe Buffay dumb?

One of the qualities about character of Phoebe is that she is unpredictable sometimes she may give you the best suggestion there is but sometimes she may just look stupid and ignorant. She is neither dumb nor too intelligent.