Question: What Is The Keyboard Shortcut For Bold Text?

When should Underlining be used?

The need to emphasize the word is among the most common reasons for underlining.

Other type styles, such as bold and italic, are used for this reason as well.

For example: If a particular word or phrase in a piece of text is to be emphasized, particularly when the piece of text is to be read aloud..

Is boldface the same as bold?

As adjectives the difference between bold and boldfaced is that bold is courageous, daring while boldfaced is impudent, brazen.

Does bold text on iPhone drain battery?

Ever since iOS 8 was introduced, Apple has gathered text size, bold, view, and brightness into a single panel in Settings. … This saves battery life by ensuring the display isn’t brighter than necessary.

How do I darken text in Word?

Select (highlight) the text you wish to change and right click the text box. Open the ‘Font Color’ drop window and choose…’Fill Effects’… Choose a Base color and left click the Tint/Shade frames to adjust Tint.

Can you stretch text in Word?

To stretch the text: Click the Scale drop-down arrow and choose (or type) a larger percentage. 100% is normal width, 200% is double width and so on.

How do you make a text box bold in Word?

Just select your text, and then click on a formatting option to change the font, font color, or font size, or apply other formatting attributes including bold, italics, underline, shadow, or highlighting. In no time at all, you can customize your text box to suit your needs.

What is the purpose of bold text?

By contrast, a bold font weight makes letters of a text thicker than the surrounding text. Bold strongly stands out from regular text, and is often used to highlight keywords important to the text’s content.

How do I increase the boldness of text in Word?

Adjusting the Width of CharactersSelect the characters you want to scale.Press Ctrl+D to display the Font dialog box.Make sure the Character Spacing tab (Word 2007) or the Advanced tab (Word 2010, Word 2013, and Word 2016) is selected. … Use the Scale drop-down list to specify the scaling you want applied to the characters. … Click on OK.May 7, 2016

How do I make my iPhone text bold?

How to bold, italic, and underline text on iPhone and iPadSelect the text you want to be bold.Tap the arrow on the menu bar.Tap on the BIU button.Tap on the Bold button.Oct 7, 2016

Is underline a font style?

Underline ~ Like bold and italics, underlining can also be used to place special emphasis on one or more words but this tends to have limited use on web pages since underlined text is also the default font style for hyperlinks.

Can you italicize in text messages?

On Android, you can tap and hold the text you’re typing > More > and choose among bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace.

What do you say back to a flirty text?

How to respond to unwanted flirty texts. – “Hey, I appreciate that, but I don’t see us that way.” – “Thanks but I’m sorry I don’t feel that way about you.” – “Thanks but I just see you as a friend.”

How do you make your text bold?

Android: Tap and hold the text you’re entering in the text field, then choose Bold, Italic, or More . Tap More to choose Strikethrough or Monospace. iPhone: Tap the text you’re entering in the text field > Select or Select All > B_I_U. Then, choose Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, or Monospace.