How Do I Make My Cricut Project Bigger Than Mat?

How do I change the mat size on my Cricut?

To change your load Type or material size on iOS or Android, tap the mat settings icon in the upper left corner.

Then choose a new Material Load Type or select the Material Size field to adjust the material size..

How big of a sticker can a Cricut make?

12X24Since you’re only limited to a 12X24 size for the Cricut, it’s difficult to make large vinyl decals. This tutorial will show you how to use the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space to make one large continuous design!

How big can a Cricut print?

9.25″ x 6.75″The maximum print area size for Print Then Cut projects is 9.25″ x 6.75″. If your printable image exceeds these dimensions, Design Space will display a warning message to reduce the image size to less than 9.25″ x 6.75.”

How many Cricut mats do I need?

I recommend you have at least one each of the Cricut mats, and maybe some of the 12″ x 24″ mats if you intend to do some larger projects.

How do I change the material settings on my Cricut?

When you have a Cricut Maker machine connected to your computer or mobile device, the material settings appear as a series of tiles. If you see your material there, simply click or tap on the tile to select the setting.

What’s the biggest size you can cut with a Cricut?

If you are using a 12 inch square cutting mat, the largest you can cut is 11.5 inches squared. If you are using a 12 inch by 24 inch cutting mat then the largest you can cut is 11.5 inches by 23.5 inches. If you are wanting to cut larger than these options then you simply must cut your design.

Can I cut an image in half on Cricut?

The Slice tool is an option in Cricut Design Space that allows you to split and crop out two overlapping images or layers in order to create a whole new design.

What to do when Cricut says image too large?

Print then Cut Image Too Large If you get the “Project incompatible” pop-up, just click “Customize” and click the yellow triangle, which will be on the layer or layers with the issue. If you have a print then cut image that is too large (greater than 6.75″ x 9.25″) you will see a yellow triangle in the layers panel.

What does flatten mean Cricut?

Print then Cut featureFlatten is used with the Print then Cut feature. It takes a multi-layer project and squishes (or flattens) it down all the selected layers into one layer that can be printed on your home printer then cut on your Cricut machine.

Can I tape two Cricut mats together?

You can just tape two 12 x 12 mats together and BOOM!